Tackle-breaking trout tearing up live shrimp in Biloxi marsh



Posted on October 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 29 at 6:24 PM

Frank Davis / WWL-TV Fishing Expert

Frank Davis and Breton Sound Marina owner/operator will be the first ones to tell you that there are more speckled trout right now in the waters around Hopedale than there's been all year long.  And it's big trout in the 3 to 5-pound range.

Frank fished Thursday with Captain Kerry Audibert along the fringes of the Biloxi Marsh and by 10:30 in the morning the guys were headed back to the marina to clean their catch.  Both men say you can expect much of the same this coming weekend. (Click to see Kerry's website)

“Frank, we gotta tell all of Southeast Louisiana’s sports fishermen that all they need to do is head to the fringes of Bay Eloi with a rod and reel fitted with a chugging cork, a 14-ounce leadhead jig, and a 4/0 Kahle hook baited with a live shrimp,” Capt. Kerry explained.  “Then you make a number of long casts and pop the rigging once or twice to capture the attention of any fish swimming nearby.   It shouldn't take very long for either a trout or a bull red to swallow the bait. . .and you're on your way to a full limit.”

By the way, this should be a great weekend to get out on the water, and a very productive one to boot.

“Look for reefs and oyster banks in open water, for pockets and coves in the marsh, for deep holes hollowed out on the sea-floor bottom” Kerry continued.  “If you rig the terminal tackle properly and present it well, you’ll have no problem finding and catching fish.  And I doubt seriously if you’ll have many throwbacks.”

Artificial lures might boat a few specks for you, but if you want to hedge your bets you’ll plan to fish only with live shrimp.  Precisely where to fish right now is important, and the proper method to determine the biggest schools of trout is to get to Breton Sound Marina early enough to spend a few minute with Glenn Sanchez, marina owner/operator.

Glenn will pinpoint for you some of the better spots on a couple of local maps and show you how to get to and from the hotspots.  Another good way to locate trout (and reds too, for that matter) is to visit with and have a few friendly chats with some of the guides and veteran anglers.

There is one high priority situation I feel that I must tell you about right now pertaining to Hopedale.


There are everywhere and they know you’re there even before you get out of your car!  So take all the gnat precautions possible.

“Skin-So-Soft works,” Capt. Kerry reminded.  “As does Amber Romance, both the cream and the oil.  Of course, if you find you don’t have time to contact your Avon lady for S-S-S, and if you can’t make it by Victoria’s Secret to get your A.R., a last resort is some 100% DEET or a can of Deep Woods Off.  If you’re close to your favorite sporting goods store or you’re in the neighborhood with an Academy, invest in a Gnat Suit.  They’re rather expensive, but once you’re on the marsh and you don’t have one (and the gnats are out!) you’d pay whatever price tag was on it to stop the biting!  I’m just saying!”

So that’s the deal: Chugging cork. . .Kahle hook. . .live shrimp. . .and Gnat Suit!  Have all of these and you’ll enjoy your fishing excursion to Hopedale and the Biloxi Marsh!

Here’s a suggestion—if you need someone to show you around the marsh so that you’re almost guaranteed a limit (or close to one!), feel free to call Capt. Kerry at 259-5304.  Just remember, Kerry books first come first served.

Next week?  Possibly Cocodrie.

Be safe and courteous. . .and lots of tight lines and happy times.

Frank Davis