NEW ORLEANS -- The US and UK have always had close ties, but for those with family and friends in Manchester, the attacks have hit even closer to home.

"There was very little clarity as to what was going on and what happening," said Colm Cahill.

Cahill was born in Northern England, just a few hours away from Manchester. Since the attack last night, he has been following the news feeds as the death toll rose.

"Having so much family in that area it was very distressing to see," said Cahill.

Cahill is thousands of miles from home. He's currently studying to be a priest at Notre Dame Seminary in Uptown New Orleans. But it was just a few years ago he was back home in the United Kingdom.

"The youngest victim is eight years old, so if anything it brings about a sense of absolute horror."

No one in Cahill's family has been hurt, but the tragedy has deeply moved him. As it does for Danielle Sutton, a dual citizen who lived through the 2005 London bombings.

"I was in London for the London bombings in 05' and that was terrifying. Everybody was really scared and trying to contact their friends and family," said Sutton.

Sutton currently lives stateside and operates St. James Cheese Company. The attack is another reminder of her terrifying experience. Her family has also been steered from harm, yet her worries go out for the families of the children who were hurt.

"It's a loss of innocence. It's a stadium full of children going to see their favorite and it's just really sad that this is forever going to be spoiled for them," she said.

Sutton is still trying to catch up with others as a new concern grows.

"I get very worried thAt the Muslim community is going to be scapegoated for every attack that happens."

As British people are known to do, Sutton says she must do her best to stay calm and carry on, though she wonders if the attacks will ever stop. For men of faith like Deacon Cahill, the belief is that it will.

"Regardless of creed or belief, the one thing that can triumph in the absence of love is love, to put love where it may be absent," he said.