Keep your food fresh longer with this invention

April 25, 2017: A life hack for your pantry that will double the life of your food.

CLEVELAND, OH - You can consider it a food hack or quite simply a brilliant made-in-the-USA invention. There is now a way to legitimately double the life of many countertop and pantry favorites including bread, bagels, muffins and cakes. 

While I've profiled huge price drops on The Blue Apple to benefit the inside of your fridge in the past, what do you do about all of the favorites that turn to mold and go stale outside of your fridge? 

The answer based on many tests conducted in my home, at local professional kitchens and a catering facility (thanks to TV's Chef Binks), is FreshPaper. Simply put FreshPaper into any container where you want to extend food freshness. Natural spices within each piece of paper work together with a dramatic fresher food impact.

Click play on the video above to learn more about our tests. FreshPaper brings the following benefits to the table: 

- Use one piece of FreshPaper anywhere you stored baked goods and perishables
- Deal I found pays for itself in one week
- Ideal for bread, bagels, cookies, muffins, rolls, homemade baked goods and more
- FreshPaper is 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and made in the USA
- Flagged by Oprah, Real Simple, The New York Times and Forbes as a favorite product
- Lowest recorded price today
- Could save you $50 per week

$10 Off 6 Months Supply Of FreshPaper + Free Delivery
Was: $35.00
Now: $24.99

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