As New Orleans parades begin, city reminds of new Carnival rules


Posted on February 21, 2014 at 7:13 AM

Updated Friday, Feb 21 at 7:19 AM
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NEW ORLEANS, La. – Five Mardi Gras Krewes will hit the streets of the New Orleans Metro Area Friday and this Carnival year is different in the city of New Orleans, as several new rules will go into effect for those along the parade route.

While the parades will look the same as years past, there are several changes that go into effect along the parade routes, and one issue that always causes concern are ladders that block the view of spectators.

This year those ladders will have to be placed at least 6-feet from the curb and cannot be chained together. They also have to be sturdy ladders and in good condition. New Orleans Police Officials say these rules pertaining to ladders are put in place for everyone’s safety.

Portable toilets are not allowed on any public property, but they will be allowed only in a designated area. The city says it will be placing 700 public toilets along the routes.

Those that break the new Carnival rules can expect a $250 fine.

The parking situation will be the same as other years, but there will be an additional 4,000 “No Parking” signs placed out, and the mayor's office says this will be heavily enforced and cars will be towed if they are parked illegally.

A few “don'ts” for the parade-

Do not throw beads at floats, as police will be on the lookout for any throwing beads back at the floats, because several Krewe members were injured last year.

Do not bring bulky furniture and do not place that furniture on the neutral ground.

Do not cross barricades or stand on barricades, please stand behind the barricades when they are placed along streets while the parade is passing.

Do not run between floats or vehicles while the parade is in progress.

Keep in mind the New Orleans Police Department will be out in full force with additional officers from around the metro area and over one-hundred troopers from Louisiana State Police.