New Kenner leadership sworn in, talk progress


Posted on July 1, 2014 at 6:17 PM

Bill Capo / Eyewitness News
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KENNER, La. -- As Kenner's 21st mayor began his second term, Mike Yenni was upbeat about continuing the progress he has seen in his years working for the City.

"We've worked very hard to bring this city back from Hurricane Katrina to today, and we're moving forward," Yenni said. "Our citizens will see the development of a new city, one that turns for sale signs into sold signs, as new families find homes and hope, here where we are Kenner strong."

Yenni said he will continue to concentrate on the Kenner 2030 economic development plan. Work is underway to beautify main streets and take other steps to bring new young families to Kenner, from Rivertown to Laketown.

"They can work, shop, eat, play, go to school, play sand volleyball, enjoy a beautiful pier on the lake," Yenni said.

Kenner's new police chief, Michael Glaser, calls himself a man of few words. He said residents will notice few differences in a department that will remain approachable and accountable.

However, he likes social media as a way to get out the news and bulletins.

"An incident happens in Kenner, we can put out details about it, if streets are closed, stay away form an area," Glaser said.

And he'll be seeking pay raises for officers.

"I'm gonna try to give them all the equipment that they need to do the job, and we'll try to generate more revenue," Glaser said.

Yenni said Kenner will change for the better over the next four years.

"Let me put it to you like this -- if my grandfather came back, he'd be very proud."