La. State Police search for cadets could hurt NOPD recruitment


Posted on March 27, 2014 at 5:20 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 28 at 9:01 AM

Paul Murphy / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Louisiana State Police are looking for a few good men and women, as the LSP is now recruiting for an academy class that would begin late this year or early next year.

Sgt. Nick Manale says the department had slipped below 1000 troopers and it needed to build back its ranks.

"We've worked with less and done our job well over the last several years, but the more troopers we can get out on the road, the safer we can make things out there," said Manale.

Qualified candidates must have prior police experience, at least 60 semester hours of college education or three years of active military service.

"It means something a little special to wear this uniform and to have this gold badge on your chest and we're looking for individuals who are going to meet that qualification and have that high level of standards," said Manale.

The starting salary for a state trooper is $40,000 a year, plus whatever the he or she can make working paid, off-duty details.

That's compared to $36,000 for a first year New Orleans Police Officer.

Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Raymond Burkhart says the fact the LSP is hiring at a higher rate, will hurt the NOPD's ability to recruit at a time when it desperately needs new officers.

"Every time another agency, neighboring agencies especially, up the ante, we have to up the ante," said Burkhart.

Burkhart says the NOPD could also lose officers to the LSP. "I know officers who have told me that they're not worried about the NOPD at this point because they've already applied to LSP."

Once trained, cadets will be assigned to troops across the state, and they are expected to hit the streets as troopers within a year.

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