Bama fan in video on his way to New Orleans, fired from job



Posted on January 19, 2012 at 11:40 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 19 at 11:40 PM

NEW ORLEANS -- Reports have surfaced in a Georgia newspaper that the Crimson Tide fan shown allegedly sexually assaulting a passed out LSU fan has been identified and is on his way to New Orleans.

In addition, the sporting goods company that says they employed the 'Bama fan in the video, has issued a statement saying he was fired over the incident.

“It (the video) doesn’t represent anything about our company,” said Scott Myers of Hibbett Sports. He said the company was first made aware of the video Wednesday and that the man was fired that same day.

The man fired by Hibbett Sports was identified as Brian Downing.

The report that the fan was identified and was heading to New Orleans first appeared in the Ledger-Enquirer paper out of Columbus, Georgia. In the story, Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said the man, who he said was his second cousin, was on his way to New Orleans.

Taylor spoke on the phone with WBRC anchor Beth Shelburne about the incident. He said he realized the person in New Orleans that police were looking for was one of his family members, Downing.

"Brian, this is out of character for him, but even being out of character, you have consequences for what you do, and your family isn't immune to that, and you have to pay for those consequences," Taylor said.

Taylor said Downing is an "intelligent, good kid."

"To my knowledge, he's never been in any trouble at all, and I just think this is out of character for him," Taylor said. "But you know, if he did this, and the video is accurate and it's not tampered with, then he'll have to pay his debt, whatever that is, in New Orleans."

The video has sparked outrage and discuss among many people, and the NOPD considers the actions a sexual battery.

Downing and his attorney left Alabama on a six or seven hour drive around 2 p.m. Thursday, but as of 10 p.m., they still hadn't arrived at NOPD headquarters.

NOPD officials still have not confirmed that a meeting will be taking place.