Very Superstitious: Saints fans use rituals to ensure victory


Posted on January 10, 2014 at 11:27 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 10 at 11:41 PM

Antwan Harris / Eyewitness News
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Chebby Dufrene says her elaborate Saints shrine has helped the team win a Super Bowl. This setup has been in effect for years and it seems to keep growing.  There's no Voodoo to her ritual, but there is a little bit of prayer. It starts with a rotating Jesus Christ piece.

"If I need a turnover or an interception, I turn him around and rub his head,” Dufrene said. I talk to him and pray hard."

Then there's Darren Sproles, the gnome. "He makes them bust through the line," she said.

Sproles is accompanied by Deuce the dog, Mickey Mouse in a Saints jersey and miniature Drew Brees.
You also can’t walk through the door without paying homage in the proper attire.

"They have to have on a Saints jersey,” Dufrene said. “No Saints jersey, they can't come in.”

Don't call it crazy, call it tradition. Experts say Saints fans have been practicing their best ideas since the first time the team took the field in 1967.

New Orleans Marketing Tourism CEO Mark Romig said, “It could be the way they wear their clothes, the way they eat, they way they comb their hair. Whatever it is, they will do to give more mojo or special sauce to the victory.

Speaking of special sauce, that brings us to George Deane's seven-year-old towel signed by Drew Brees. It's absorbed a lot of blood sweat and tears over time, but never a good wash.

“I put it in the dryer just to give it some fluff, but no, it has not seen a wash yet," Deane said.

For his ritual, someone has to take the towel out of the bag and hand it to George who then inhales it.
If you break the order of events, he says the team usually has a meltdown.

"If I don't have someone take it out the bag or I don't remember it and don't have it with me, they usually lose."

The Saints continued their pre-game ritual at the airport Thursday with Popeye’s chicken and green Gatorade.