Winter wonderland conditions turning to ice on Northshore


Posted on January 28, 2014 at 7:31 PM

Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News
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FRANKLINGTON, La. — Consistent sleet collected together Tuesday, looking like snow.

But those living in Washington Parish also were seeing some icy spots that were needing to watch for just to walk.. And that icy situation is expected to get worse for the roads as night falls

To children in Franklinton, Tuesday's weather was a winter wonderland worth missing school for. The bunched up sleet was used for snowball fights, slipping and sliding and snow mountain building.

Homes and yards were dusted with white from Mount Hermon to Bogalusa. Puddles had turned to mini ice lakes.

But even though the appearance is pleasant for many, the consequences have been harsh on the roads and for drivers. 

One woman who braved the weather says her trip was necessary.

"I came out to get my friend girl something to drink because she has cancer,” Shirley Williams said. “She said she didn't have something to drink so I came to the store to get her something to drink. 

Williams added, “The drive was not bad and i live close so it shouldn't be a problem. The store wasn't packed and they're closing in 10 minutes."

In Tangipahoa Parish, several warming shelters will be open tonight. Shelters are located at Kentwood High Magnet School, Amite Westside Middle School and Hammond Junior High Magnet School.

Citizens should bring bedding, toiletries and medications as well as water and food.