Action Report: Volunteers make NCAA Final 4 a success


Posted on March 30, 2012 at 7:13 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 30 at 8:23 PM

Bill Capo / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS - The NCAA treated hundreds of New Orleans students to Final Four Youth Day at the Superdome this morning, and a special crew of Sports Foundation Host Committee volunteers was on hand when they needed help.

"Oh my God, this is so exciting, you get to meet so many different people, and it's awesome, it really is," laughed Sports Foundation Volunteer Deborah Jordan.

Approximately 2,500 volunteers are working at 30 locations this weekend, and many of them signed up after a January Action Report.

"After your first story, our hotlines rang off the hook," said Sports Foundation Host Committee Volunteer Director Jeff Rossi. "We went from close to 40 percent filled to 70 percent in the course of two to three weeks, which is a jump of about a thousand volunteers."

Now volunteers like Anita Colbert are finding themselves in critical positions as ambassadors for New Orleans.

"Certain events they just cannot happen without the volunteers, and the NCAA knows that," added Rossi.

Now if you're sitting at home thinking this looks like a lot of fun, and you're sorry you missed it, well you haven't. You see there's another game coming up, and they need even more volunteers for the Super Bowl. You guys volunteering for the Super Bowl? Yes. Having fun? Yeah. Pretty cool."

"I'm saying to those volunteers, don't go anywhere, just catch your breath," said Ron Gardner of the Sports Foundation Host Committee. "If you haven't signed up for the Super Bowl, sign up now, because the clock's ticking, and we need the A Team."

The Sports Foundation's Super Bowl Host Committee will need 8,000 volunteers to staff Super Bowl events.

"We want this Super Bowl to be the best Super Bowl to be the best Super Bowl the NFL has ever had, and the nation has ever experienced before," said Gardner.

You can help make that happen. For more information about signing up as a Super Bowl 2013 volunteer, visit