A Super Bowl baby boom? Doctors say it's here


by Wayne Carter / Eyewitness News


Posted on October 1, 2010 at 11:30 PM

NEW ORLEANS -- If you’ve noticed more pregnant women around town these days, doctors at at least one New Orleans hospital say it's not your imagination. Births have skyrocketed in the area, according to doctors at Touro Infirmary in Uptown New Orleans.

While doctors don't know the exact cause for the baby boom, they say if you talk to many parents, you'll find the ones who are expecting are huge Saints fans who did a lot of celebrating about nine months ago, right about the time the Saints were making history in the Super Bowl.

Patrick and Lisa Urcia are two of them. Their garage at home even features everything Saints, right down to the Saints gold on the walls.

"It was like a reunion when the Super Bowl came, because everyone came to city to watch the game on TV," said Patrick.

And the Urcia’s excitement continued past the big game.

"It just kind of happened, you know. I found out the day after the Super Bowl that I was pregnant," said Lisa.

Her son, Lucas, now three weeks old, was conceived after the championship and born during this season's opener.

“We were saying ‘Push, push, push,’ then we'd turn around watch the play, and ‘Push, push push,’” Lisa joked.

They were actually trying to get done in time for her husband Patrick to get to the Superdome. That was Lisa's idea.

"At three in the afternoon, the baby hadn't come yet, so Patrick made a couple of calls,” she said.

But there was no false start here. Patrick gave up the ticket and stayed.

"We scored the touchdown in the third quarter, I had the baby with 23 seconds left in the third quarter, and he was out,” said Lisa. “So it was fast. He finally came out, when real fast, watched the Saints the whole time.”

Doctors say births are down across the country, but here in New Orleans, it’s just the opposite.

"We're expecting a large peak in October and November, which is about nine months after that little game that we won called the Super Bowl," said Paul duTreil, an OB/GYN at Touro.

DuTreil said the hospital underwent a huge expansion as a result of the boom and still is filled with “New Dats,” as they're calling them.

"You know how we are in New Orleans, we like to celebrate, we like to have a party and this is just one more way we like to have a good time,” said duTreil.

"We have five or six friends who are pregnant," said Lisa Urcia.

And the names Payton, Drew, Hartley and Sean are popping up a lot too. The Urcias exercised a little restraint there, but not with the outfit for their new baby Lucas or their other son Reed, or even their wedding day.

"We got married on the bye week,” said Lisa Urcia. “We plan around the Saints season so everyone can watch football."