West Bank area near landfill still a dumping ground for animals



Posted on March 18, 2014 at 6:41 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 18 at 7:00 PM

Meg Farris / Eyewitness News
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WAGGAMAN, La. - Two months ago viewers alerted us to a horrible site on the Westbank, an area near a landfill where unwanted dogs were dumped or abandoned.

And despite the work of police and good Samaritans, the problem continues.

Live Oak, a long highway in Waggaman, continues to be the end of the road for many dogs, all at the hands of humans.

"They all look horrible, horrible condition. It's awful," said Liz Galle.

A few young mothers police the area constantly.

Brittany Falgoust called authorities for a pick up of a decomposing dog in a ditch that looks like it was a pit bull that had been shot.

They call in the dead, hog-tied and abused dogs. Many are pit bulls. They report the ones left in plastic boxes. But they also rescue the living.

"Fifteen live dogs we've taken off the streets and gotten into homes. Not one of them, not one single one has been euthanized, even the pit bulls," said Galle.

Mary the boxer was one of the lucky ones.

"Emaciated. She recently had babies," Falgoust describes the condition she was in when they saw her, abandoned on Live Oak.

Mary was living on a discarded mattress that is still on the side of the road today.

Since our first story on January 16, animal lovers have been a big help on the rescuers' social media sites, and so are the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office and animal shelters.

"Every time we get the call, not only does my officer go and photograph the scene and check over the dog, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office does an actual crime scene for every one of these," explained Robin Beaulieu, the Director of the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Investigators don't believe all the dogs are abused or involved in fighting. They think some people don't know where to dispose of deceased pets, and they are helping to place the survivors, like a basset mix now at Dag's House in need of a home.

"We work very, very hard to make certain our pit bulls are socialized. They go through extensive testing," said Beaulieu showing us three friendly pit bulls playing in the shelter.

But until the problem stops, the women won't either.

"We go in hopes to find the live dogs, before they can get hurt," said Falgoust about why she keeps going and looking at the upsetting sites.

The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter has many free spay and neuter programs and free disposal of animals.


Dead animals can be boxed or bagged and put out for garbage pick up.

You can bring the body to the JP Animal Shelter for disposal at no charge.

You can call Environmental Affairs for free pick up.

Your veterinarian can help (possible fee).

You can bring an injured, old dog to be euthanized at no charge to the animal shelter.

To report or help the women in the story, sign into Facebook here:


Or the Humane Society of Louisiana with reports or donations:


In the last 18 months, the Jefferson Animal Shelter has done 22,000 spay/neuters.

Low or no cost spay/neuter:

Fix a pitty program for a pit or bully breed

Fix 'ya mama, fix 'ya papa program for dogs, fixes parents and finds home for their puppies

$50 co-pay for spay/neuter, but there are special free programs for those who are eligible, vouchers and assistance for seniors, military and people on government assistance.