Retired first responder remembers 9/11

Captain Patricia Mack talks about working at the scene where the Twin Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001.

ALGIERS, La. – One New York first responder, who now lives in Algiers, recalled the day that changed her life forever.
For Patricia Mack putting together this album was an honor and a duty.
Fifteen years ago that day that changed all days; Mack was working as a court officer four blocks from the twin towers.
“Because we were on the twelfth floor, our whole building shook and it sounded like a sonic boom when it hit,” said Capt. Mack, who is not retired.
That day, Mack ran in to help as others were running out.
“We didn't think that we were going to die running there,” said Mack. “I mean we thought we were running there to help people. That's what you do when you're in a uniform.”

She was with many of the first responders in the south tower trying to get people out when the tower came down.

“When we felt the ground shake and it felt like an avalanche behind us, which was outside, we actually ran further inside the building,” said Mack.

The next thing she knew, she and her partner were waking up, unable to see where they were. Her captain wasn't so lucky. He died that day, like thousands of others, leaving his two sons without a father.

“Captain Thompson was intact, his body was found,” recalled Mack. “We were able to carry him out of the hole and we had a ceremony. It was very moving.”

The memories still get to Mack, and even though she's told this story many, many times, she said it’s so important to remember. She hopes one day, maybe her memory book will give someone else a little bit of comfort.

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