Stroke victim reunited with her 'guardian angel'

A 62-year-old woman suffered a stroke at a gas station. She may have died if not for the two strangers that saved her life. Tonight, she got to thank them face to face.

PONCHATOULA -- Walking up the driveway, Theresa Thompson finally came face-to-face with 62-year-old Lisa Wentworth, the woman she helped more than a week ago.

Wentworth is back at her home in Ponchatoula after having a stroke. She calls Thompson her guardian angel.

"I can't tell you how much it means to me to meet you and to thank you for all the help you've done," Wentworth told Thompson.

The meeting is a stark difference from their first encounter on July 10.

Thompson was coming out of her SUV with her niece, Brianna Simpson, at the Circle K gas station off Highway 22. Before Thompson could get inside, they heard Wentworth calling out for help.

"She (Simpson) says 'you heard that?' I said I heard that. She said 'Where is it coming from?' I said I don't know, and then we heard it again," Thompson said.

The women ran towards Wentworth's cries. Wentworth, dizzy and vomiting, desperately asked them to call her husband and 911. The ambulance arrived shortly after, taking Wentworth to the hospital. It is a day and an experience etched into Thompson's memory.

"I kept getting these weird feelings all week and when I was told that ya'll were looking for me, that made me feel a little bit better," Thompson said.

Thompson and Wentworth only spoke over the phone until now. Strangers brought together by an emergency are now friends by choice.

"I even asked her if I could call her twice a week to make sure that she's okay. And she said told me that she didn't care," Thompson said with a smile.

"She's made a big difference in my life. She's got a good heart. She's helped me. And I just want her to have many blessings. And just to let her know I really appreciate what you've done," Wentworth said.

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