New book makes allegations against candidate for U.S. Senate

The book claims that representative Charles Boustany had dalliances with prostitutes - an allegation he and his family strongly dispute.

NEW ORLEANS, La. - A new book is making serious allegations about a candidate running for Louisiana's U.S. Senate Seat. The just-released 'Murder in the Bayou' claims U.S. Representative Charles Boustany was involved with prostitutes. His spokesman and wife are disputing the claims and released statements.

'Murder in the Bayou' is author Ethan Brown's detailed investigation into the unsolved murders of eight Jefferson Davis Parish prostitutes.

"I think the 'Jeff Davis 8' case has been falsely framed or characterized as a serial killer case," said Brown. "There are many, many common threads among these eight victims."

The book goes into the twists and turns of each case, and in one part, mentions a familiar name: U.S. Representative Charles Boustany.

"The book is not about prostitution, the book is not about Congressman Boustany, it's almost a throwaway line in the book and I'm kind of surprised he even put it in the book because there's no sourcing of it, it's unnamed, anonymous sources," said Eyewitness Legal Analyst, Clancy DuBos. "That makes it difficult to prove, but it also makes it difficult to defend against because you don't talk about credibility because you don't know who the sources are so it's problematic from all sides."

While there are no allegations Boustany had a role in any of the eight deaths, Brown claims from multiple, anonymous sources, Boustany was involved with at least one of the prostitutes. DuBos says he was surprised.

"Because there has never been, ever, any hint of Congressman Boustany having any kind of dalliances with women, prostitutes, or anything like that," he said. "And it's pegged to unnamed, unidentified sources."

Boustany is considered a top contender in the U.S. Senate Seat Race for Louisiana after Republican David Vitter chose not to run for re-election. DuBos says the claim in the book could do damage.

"It's a big deal if people pick it up and run with it," he said. "If his opponents make a big deal out of it, and if Boustany doesn't address it thoroughly or at least adequately in a political context."

Boustany's Spokesman, Jack Pandol, released a statement saying: "These allegations are completely false and don't even deserve a response. Dr. Boustany has a professional and personal reputation of integrity and honor. We are confident the people of Louisiana will see these lies for the political tabloid fodder they are."

Boustany's wife, Bridget, also addressed the claims in an e-mail saying: "I have had the pleasure of standing alongside my husband, Dr. Charles Boustany, as he has fought for the people of Southwest Louisiana in Congress and as he launched and gained momentum in the race to be our next U.S. Senator. He is a dedicated public servant, and he would be an excellent advocate for our state in the Senate. He's an effective leader, and his message is resonating with voters. So it's no wonder that as he rises in the polls, he will become a target for liberals, for the media, and for his opponents. But this week the media rumor mill and lies about Charles were simply that—false attacks aimed at bringing down a candidate who threatens to take the lead and win the race for U.S. Senate. Because some have called his character into question, I wanted to tell you about the man I know. Charles has earned a sterling reputation in our community through years of service. He is a heart surgeon who dedicated his life to serving the people of South Louisiana, beginning his medical practice in his hometown of Lafayette, where we still live today. He has been serving our state in Congress since 2005, and he takes pride in the work he does for the people of Louisiana. More importantly, he's a good man, a loving husband, and an incredible father to our two children. It's no surprise Charles's opponents have resorted to lies about him—that's all they could come up with to try to drag him down. But I know you will not be deceived by the false attacks, and I know Charles will be our state's next United States Senator."

DuBos says, it'll be interesting to see how voters respond.

"They may say, 'I don't believe it,' or they may think it's a big deal," he said. "We'll just have to see."

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