Missing cat reunites with owner after 7 years


by Justin Burton and Reggie Aqui


Posted on September 23, 2011 at 2:38 PM

VANCOUVER - The Vancouver owner of a missing cat recently got the surprise of his life -- after seven years.

Geramy Rapp said he posted on Craigslist after his cat Shrink disappeared seven years ago, but gave up looking after about a month.

He got married, had seven kids and last month he got a phone call from Hillsboro.

Somehow little Shrink made his way to Hillsboro, where he was turned over to an animal shelter. That's a journey of around 30 miles.

A microchip led him back to Geramy.

The cat is now a lot older and a whole lot bigger.

"I'm sure he has quite the story, I wish he could talk so he could tell," Geramy said.

And some habits die hard.

"He wanders quite aways, several houses away and always comes home."

Geramy figures someone must have fed him and cared for him over the past seven years.