Juan Kincaid

Juan Kincaid


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Juan Kincaid loves to tell stories - people stories. It's the ability to be able to meet and talk to interesting people that he says drew him to the reporting profession in the first place.

"You get to find out things, interesting things, about people with a microphone in your hand, that you wouldn't get to find out without it."

Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Juan couldn't help but become a college basketball fan, a Tar Heel fan, a Michael Jordan fan.

As a youngster Juan says he remembers playing "every sport there is to play." He tried his hand at basketball, baseball, football, tennis, soccer and bowling. He's a self-described "danger" to anyone on a golf course and has sworn off giving the game another try.

However while the links are off-limits, Juan likes to spend some of his spare time on the soccer field. A college player at Lenoir-Rhyne, Juan briefly played professionally and toured overseas with a U.S. soccer squad.

Juan says he began college with the intention of becoming a computer programmer, but quickly changed his mind, due to his love for writing. After transferring to Lenoir-Rhyne from a junior college, Juan began pursuing a career in front of the camera. His busy college career included being the class president, captain of the soccer team and sports editor of the campus paper.

After graduation, Juan spent time at a local newspaper and as a country disc jockey on radio before landing his first television job as a production assistant at a small television station in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

He says he "invented" the job of sports trainee at the station and he quickly did "everything but go on the air." That training prepared him well for his first "on-air" job in Columbia, South Carolina.

Juan took a year off from broadcasting to "find out what I wanted to do," and spent a year teaching and coaching high school soccer before the television bug bit again.

He took a job in Denison, Texas and worked there for two years before landing a job in Macon, Georgia. Juan spent three years there, honing his talents, before being tapped to come to WWL.

Juan says his preferred sports to cover include college basketball and college football. He's interviewed several big name sports celebrities but says his most memorable interview came with a man few may have heard of. "He was a 93-year-old former Negro League baseball star," remembers Juan. "But his mind was as sharp as a 50-year-old. He'd lived in the same house since 1919 and he knew everything there was to know about sports in that community. He'd personally played in the Negro Leagues with stars like Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige and the stories he had to tell were priceless. I know there are stories like that here, and I'll find them."

When not at work or playing soccer, Juan says he likes to cook, listen to music and go out dancing, but his big love he says, is reading to children.

"I have a program that I do where I take some weekly readers to school and I have some different colored hats and costumes. When I'm reading a story to the kids, I like to have them wear an item, the color of something pertinent to the story."

It's a program that endeared him to children in his former homes, it's one he plans to continue in his new one.