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  • The 504: Dr Dionne Nicholsadd to reading list  

    Dr. Dionne Nichols is an educator and an author with a number of children's books under her belt. Tonight she talks about two of her works "The Adventures of Ariel and Ron" and "The Amazing World of Emyri."

  • The 504: 'Man in the Hood'

    The 504: 'Man in the Hood'add to reading list  

    "Man In The Hood" is a book written by Dr. Danna Andrus. In it, he lays out the keys to manhood for young men struggling to find someone to look up to.

  • The 504: 'Second Line Home'

    The 504: 'Second Line Home'add to reading list  

    Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy shares her thoughts on Hurricane Katrina, its devastation and the resiliency of the people of New Orleans in her book of poems called "Second Line Home."

  • The 504: 'Born Special'

    The 504: 'Born Special'add to reading list  

    Rhea Woodruff gives us a preview of her memoir, "Born Special," which chronicles her life with disability.

  • The 504: Keeping your beauty routing while traveling

    The 504: Keeping your beauty routing while travelingadd to reading list  

    Andi Eaton shows us how you not to sacrifice your beauty routine while traveling.

  • The 504: Things to do before traveling abroad

    The 504: Things to do before traveling abroadadd to reading list  

    Travel Central's Melinda Bourgeois stops with things you need to know before traveling abroad. Plus, ideas for exotic places to travel without needing a passport.

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