NCAA Capsules-Spokane


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Posted on March 18, 2013 at 8:06 PM


Stanford, 31-2.

Nickname: Cardinal. Coach: Tara VanDerveer.

Conference: Pac-12. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 1.

Tournament Record: 69-27, 29 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (70.7); Chiney Ogwumike 22.4; Joslyn Tinkle 11.8; Amber Orrange 10.5.

Rebounds: (42.6); Chiney Ogwumike 13.1; Mikaela Ruef 6.6.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.1/12.0) Amber Orrange 4.2/2.6; Mikaela Ruef 2.3/1.5.

3-pointers: Team (.311); Bonnie Samuelson 45; Joslyn Tinkle 31.

Last Ten: 10-0.

The Skinny: Stanford hasn't lost since mid-January but was tested by UCLA in the Pac-12 Conference title game Another Final Four trip could be in the offing, but this might be the most vulnerable Cardinal team in the last few seasons.


Tulsa, Okla., 17-16.

Nickname: Golden Hurricane. Coach: Matilda Mossman.

Conference: Conference USA. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 16.

Tournament Record: 1-1, 1 year. Last appearance: 2006.

Scoring: (63.6); Taleya Mayberry 18.7; Kelsee Grovey 10.5; Tiffani Couisnard 8.5.

Rebounds: (39.1); Tiffani Couisnard 9.1; Loren McDaniel 6.8; Taleya Mayberry 4.2.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.2/16.2); Taleya Mayberry 3.6/2.8; Kelsee Grovey 2.0/1.4.

3-pointers: Team (.309); Kelsee Grovey 51; Taleya Mayberry 45.

Last Ten: 7-3

The Skinny: Tulsa is 10-3 in their last 13 games and won four games en route to the Conference USA Championship. Taleya Mayberry scored a league-high 100 points for a 25.0 ppg average in the tournament.



Ann Arbor, Mich., 21-10.

Nickname: Wolverines. Coach: Kim Barnes Arico.

Conference: Big Ten. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 8.

Tournament Record: 2-5, five years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (60.8); Kate Thompson 14.5; Rachel Sheffer 12.7; Jenny Ryan 10.1.

Rebounds: (34.9); Nya Jordan 7.4; Sheffer 5.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (13.9/13.9); Ryan 5.2/2.7.

3-pointers: Team (.347); Thompson 107.

Last Ten: 5-5.

The Skinny: Michigan broke an 11-year drought and made the NCAA tournament last season before losing to Oklahoma. Then, coach Kevin Borseth resigned and returned to Green Bay, where he coached from 1998-2007 before taking the Wolverines job. Michigan then hired Barnes Arico, who built St. John's into a perennial NCAA team.


Villanova, Pa., 21-10.

Nickname: Wildcats. Coach: Harry Perretta.

Conference: Big East. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 9.

Tournament Record: 7-9, 9 years. Last appearance: 2009.

Scoring: (58.7); Laura Sweeney, 13.9; Rachel Roberts 11.0; Carolyn Coyer 7.9.

Rebounds: (34.1); Laura Sweeney 6.9; Lauren Burford 6.1.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.7/10.9); Rachel Roberts 2.4/1.4; Devon Kane 2.3/1.0.

3-pointers Team (.332); Rachel Roberts 62; Lauren Burford 51.

Last Ten: 5-5.

The Skinny: When the Wildcats are shooting the ball they can hang with anyone in the country. When they aren't they have trouble scoring. Harry Perretta's team takes care of the basketball leading the nation in turnovers with just under 11 a game.


Iowa State

Ames, Iowa 23-8.

Nickname: Cyclones. Coach: Bill Fennelly.

Conference: Big 12 Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 5.

Tournament Record: 16-13, 13 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (67.5); Hallie Christofferson 15.6; Chelsea Poppens 13.1; Anna Prins 12.0.

Rebounds: (39.6); Chelsea Poppens 9.5; Hallie Christofferson 6.6.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.6/17.1) Nikki Moody 7.3/4.4; Brynn Williamson 2.1/1.5.

3-pointers: Team (.331); Brynn Williamson 63; Hallie Christofferson 51.

Last Ten: 7-3.

The Skinny: Iowa State finished as the Big 12 runner up behind All-Big 12 players Christofferson and Poppens. The Cyclones, who boast a front line of 6-7, 6-3, 6-2, have six players that have scored 20 or more points in a game this season.


Spokane, Wash., 27-7.

Nickname: Bulldogs. Coach: Kelly Graves.

Conference: West Coast. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 12.

Tournament Record: 8-5, 5 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (69.5); Haiden Palmer 12.4; Taelor Karr 10.8; Sunny Greinacher 9.4.

Rebounds: (39.9); Shelby Cheslek 5.8; Sunny Greinacher 4.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.7/14.2) Jazmine Redmon 3.8/1.9; Taelor Karr 3.3/1.8.

3-pointers: Team (.361); Taelor Karr 65; Keani Albanez 35 Last Ten: 10-0.

The Skinny: Gonzaga has won 15-straight since dropping its lone WCC game of the season to Saint Mary's, Jan. 10. The Bulldogs won their ninth-straight WCC regular-season crown and earned their fifth-straight NCAA Tournament berth by winning the WCC Tournament title for the fifth time in seven years with a 62-50 victory over San Diego.



Athens, 25-6.

Nickname: Lady Bulldogs. Coach: Andy Landers.

Conference: SEC. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 4.

Tournament Record: 52-29, 29 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (66.5); Jasmine Hassell 12.9; Jasmine James 10.9.

Rebounds: (41.3); Jasmine Hassell 6.5; Shacobia Barbee 5.7.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.3/14.5); Jasmine James 3.7/2.6; Shacobia Barbee 2.6/2.0.

3-pointers: Team (.273); Khaalidah Miller 42; Tiaria Griffin 40.

Last Ten: 7-3.

The Skinny: NCAA regular Georgia makes its 30th appearance in 32 editions of the NCAA Touranment, a tally that ranks No. 2 nationally. The Lady Bulldogs are deeper than the past several seasons, with 10 players averaging between 11.3 and 30.7 mpg. Georgia's roster features a diverse mix of experience (four fourth-year seniors) and youth (five freshmen).


Missoula, 24-7.

Nickname: Lady Griz. Coach: Robin Selvig.

Conference: Big Sky. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 13.

Tournament Record: 6-19, 19 years. Last appearance: 2011.

Scoring: (65.2); Kenzie De Boer 13.8; Katie Baker 13.5; Jordan Sullivan 6.6.

Rebounds: (40.3); Katie Baker 7.4; Jordan Sullivan 5.2; Alyssa Smith 4.5.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.7/12.9); Alyssa Smith 2.2/0.9; Torry Hill 4.0/2.5.

3-pointers: Team (.331); Kenzie De Boer 36, Torry Hill 36.

Last Ten: 8-2.

The Skinny: Montana has the most experienced coaching staff in NCAA Division I women's basketball. In addition to coach Robin Selvig being in his 35th year, his three assistants, who all played for him, have nearly 70 years of experience on the Lady Griz staff between them.



Baton Rogue, La., 20-11.

Nickname: Tigers. Coach: Nikki Caldwell.

Conference: Southeastern. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 6.

Tournament Record: 39-21, will be 22nd appearance, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (68.9); Theresa Plaisance 17.4; Adrienne Webb 14.1; Danielle Ballard 12.1; Bianca Lutley 10.1.

Rebounds: (39.2); Theresa Plaisance 8.3; Danielle Ballard 6.6.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (13.7/17.1): Jeanne Kenney 4.2/2.1.

3-pointers: Team (.278); Adrienne Webb 38; Theresa Plaisance 22.

Last Ten: 7-3.

The Skinny: LSU went on a seven-game win streak late in February that featured wins over top-15 teams Georgia, Kentucky and Texas A&M. The Lady Tigers posted 20 wins for the second straight year under head coach Nikki Caldwell. LSU is making its 22nd overall appearance and the Lady Tigers are hosting the first and second rounds for the second straight year. All-SEC forward Theresa Plaisance ranks in the top five in the SEC in scoring and rebounding and she is in the top 12 nationally in blocks (82).

Green Bay

Green Bay, Wis., 29-2.

Nickname: Phoenix. Coach: Kevin Borseth.

Conference: Horizon. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 11.

Tournament Record: 6-13, 13 years. Last appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (65.4); Adrian Ritchie 14.2; Sarah Eichler 11.5; Stephanie Sension 10.1

Rebounds: (34.8); Adrian Ritchie 5.1; Breannah Ranger 5.0.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.4/14.1); Megan Lukan 4.3/2.0; Adrian Ritchie 3.7/1.7.

3-pointers Team (.351); Adrian Ritchie 70; Lydia Bauer 54.

Last Ten: 10-0.

The Skinny: Green Bay is headed to its fourth straight NCAA tournament. The Phoenix have won at least one game in the NCAAs in the past three years, including a trip to the regional semifinals in 2011.


Penn State

State College, 25-5.

Nickname: Lady Lions. Coach: Coquese Washington.

Conference: Big Ten. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 3.

Tournament Record: 29-23, 23 years. Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (73.5); Maggie Lucas 20.5; Alex Bentley 14.0; Nikki Greene 8.9.

Rebounds: (41.3); Nikki Greene 8.2; Mia Nickson 6.8.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.0/15.3) Alex Bentley 3.6/1.9; Dara Taylor 3.3/2.8.

3-pointers: Team (.395); Maggie Lucas 96; Alex Bentley 22.

Last Ten: 8-2.

The Skinny: Penn State played one of its worst games of the season in the semifinals of the Big Ten tournament, shooting 22 percent in a 54-46 loss to Michigan State. Lucas is among the best players in the country.

Cal Poly

San Luis Obispo, Calif., 21-10.

Nickname: Mustangs. Coach: Faith Mimnaugh.

Conference: Big West. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 14.

Tournament Record: First year. Last appearance: First year.

Scoring: (68.1);Molly Schlemer 13.0, Ariana Elegado 12.3, Jonae Ervin 8.0.

Rebounds: (41.1); Molly Schlemer 7.2; Nikol Allison 4.9; Caroline Reeves 3.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.1/16.4); Jonae Ervin 4.4/1.7; Ariana Elegado 3.4/2.6.

3-pointers: Team (.347); Ariana Elegado 72; Beth Balbierz 16.

Last Ten: 8-2.

The Skinny: Mustangs earn their first trip to the NCAA tournament with all-around team contribution. Led the Big West Conference in both field goal, three-point percentage, assists and rebounding.


Texas Tech

Lubbock, 21-10.

Nickname: Lady Raiders. Coach: Kristy Curry.

Conference: Big 12. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 7.

Tournament Record: 30-18, 19 years. Last appearance: 2005.

Scoring: Team (65.1); Chynna Brown 13.3; Casey Morris 12.1.

Rebounds: Team (36.1); Christine Hyde 5.7; Kelsi Baker 5.6.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (10.4/14.2); Monique Smalls 3.4/1.7; Chynna Brown 1.4/1.9.

3-pointers: Team (.352); Casey Morris 65; Chynna Brown 47.

Last Ten: 5-5.

The Skinny: Texas Tech is back in the NCAAs for only the second time since 2005. The Lady Raiders are 20 years removed from the school's only national championship won in 1993. The team is led by seniors Chynna Brown, Casey Morris, Monique Smalls and Christine Hyde who can all put points on the board.

South Florida

Tampa, Fla. 21-10.

Nickname: Bulls. Coach: Jose Fernandez.

Conference: Big East. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 10.

Tournament Record: 0-1, 1 year, Last Appearance: 2006.

Scoring: (69.3); Andrea Smith 16.5; Andrell Smith 13.8; Inga Orekhova 12.2.

Rebounds: (44.6) Alisia Jenkins 6.1; Akila McDonald 5.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (13.5/16.3) Andrell Smith 4.7/3.8; Inga Orekhova 2.6/2.1.

3-pointers: Team (.375) Inga Orekhova 73; Andrea Smith 59.

Last Ten: 6-4.

The Skinny: A strong finish to the regular season, including two Top-25 wins, helped propel the Bulls onto the NCAA Bubble. The Bulls put up another strong showing against No. 2 Notre Dame in the Big East tournament.



Berkeley, 28-3.

Nickname: Golden Bears. Coach: Lindsay Gottlieb.

Conference: Pac-12. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 2.

Tournament Record: 5-8, 8 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (71.6); Layshia Clarendon 15.6; Brittany Boyd 12.4, Gennifer Brandon 12.3.

Rebounds: (44.3); Gennifer Brandon 11.2; Talia Caldwell 7.4.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.9/14.2) Brittany Boyd 4.0/2.9; Layshia Clarendon 2.8/1.9.

3-pointers: Team (.303); Afure Jemerigbe 38; Layshia Clarendon 33.

Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: The regular season co-champs in the Pac-12 booted its chance at a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tourney by losing to UCLA in the Pac-12 tourney semifinals. Cal is an interior oriented team offensively and its lack of consistency from the perimeter was exposed by UCLA. Could it happen again in the NCAAs?

Fresno State

Fresno, Calif., 24-8.

Nickname: Bulldogs. Coach: Raegan Pebley.

Conference: Mountain West. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Spokane. Seed: No. 15.

Tournament Record: 0-5, 5 years. Last appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (68.0); Ki-Ki Moore 17.2; Rosie Moult 12.7; Alex Sheedy 10.5.

Rebounds: (35.7); Ki-Ki Moore 6.3; Alex Sheedy 5.7; Rosie Moult 5.1.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.0/14.4); Taylor Thompson (4.4/2.4); Ki-Ki Moore (4.0/3.3).

3-pointers: Team (.333); Rosie Moult (81); Alex Sheedy (33).

Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: The Bulldogs pressure defense has caused opponents to turn the ball over an average of 20.1 times per game and Fresno State ranks No. 3 nationally with 13.0 steals per game. Junior guard Ki-Ki Moore, the MVP of the 2013 Reese's Mountain West Basketball Championships, leads the team in scoring and has scored 15 or more points in 25 of the 32 games this season.