Payton explains decision to deactivate Spiller; mixed reviews on play of young corners

Transcript of Sean Payton's Monday morning press conference. 

When you looked at the film, how did the young cornerbacks play?

“Well, I think there are snaps they played very well and there are some snaps, obviously we have to get cleaned up. Defensively, the first three quarters of that game, there are a lot of things that we did according to plan. We limited the explosive plays; we handled a quick short drive in the beginning when we had the fumble (lost on offense. Once that fourth quarter started even a part in the third quarter, the key for us defensively all of a sudden begin to crumble somewhat.  In the long run, there are penalties on a few drives. All of the things that we had done in the early part of the game we were unable to get off the field on the third down. I think they did some good things especially early and I consider P.J. (Williams) a young corner because it’s his first year playing. But again, there are some things they have to get better (at) and I think they will from week one to week two.”

What was the decision to deactivate (C.J.) Spiller?

“It was just one of these games where we knew (Travaris) Cadet was going to have a big role at his position and it really came down to the numbers. (Daniel) Lasco is playing on all special teams and its really one of the challenges with 6 running backs on the roster. So a lot of it was for our game plan.”

Is that a negative sign of Spiller’s progress?

“No, I think we have seen that progress. It was just that game and how we were going to approach that game with our personal groupings. That will be something we look at week to week.”

Did you get an explanation on the, it looked like there was some confusion on your third timeout, after your long play?

“Anytime there’s an explosive play there’s always the risk of an early clock, but what happens in that sequence if I am not mistaken, it is hard to capture it all on film is there is some question on whether it was a fumble or not. So the ruling on the field was that it was a fumble recovered by the Saints on the two-yard line. So certainly, I am not going to challenge that because it put us on the two., but the process in the officials’ gathering and then eventually spotting and whistling ready for play. The whistle ready for play happens while there are still officials in discussion. That did not go the way it was supposed to go mechanically. We are pretty good about getting the subs in and all of a sudden we are going to a goal line personnel and (that) has Drew (Brees) getting out of the huddle and getting to the line, it is evident that we are not going to get this play off.  I want to see it continue with the feed and if I am able to see that we are going to see what I just finished talking about. We are going to see a little bit of (that in) week 1 probably. Mechanically from an officiating standpoint that will be the same thing for us. That applies (to us) making sure we are out there ahead of it all so when the whistle ready for play starts. My question though, is when the whistle starts, are we in a positon to run a play or is there still being discussion by officials and that’s why I need to see the continuing feed. I have not seen the continuous feed yet.”

Is there any update on Delvin Breaux?

“Typically, I’d wait until Wednesday, he (Delvin Breaux) has a fracture in his fibula. He had the procedure this morning. He will be able to make a full recovery and be able to be back with us this season and play. Time frame wise you are looking approximately at six weeks.”

How did your offensive line grade after you watched the film?

“Overall, I think pretty well. I think there are a handful of things that we will work to improve on. I think we protected the passer well. We knew going in, that it was going to be a game where we carry certain amounts of runs and have some balance and yet it is a pretty thick front that we thought we could block in protection. And we able to do that. We had a few different plans on how to handle (Khalil) Mack. The only sack/sack fumble was a third down play in the first drive when we did a good job in protection. We just have to find a way to eat that ball or throw it away, but I think in week One there were a lot of positives to build on.”

How do you think Andrus (Peat) has handled himself at left guard?

“The consistency of him being able to play there each week is going to help him and I think there are some snaps yesterday that he will see today in the film review, that he wants to improve on. I think overall, just the opportunity for him to settle into that position is going to help him and benefit him quite a bit.”

Did taking Breaux out change the vision at all for the defense? You guys have to look at anything or no?

“Well, I don’t know that it changes the vision of the defense. I think that we have to understand who we are playing and what we are trying to take away, but I don’t think by any means you start with a whole new plan. Obviously, losing a great player like him, can alter some things you want to do coverage wise.”

I knew you said Pete Carmichael has called plays before but it has been several years. What did you identify as the reason for wanting to make that change this year?

“It is a week to week thing. Pete and I communicate each week on how we want this game to unfold. We do that not only together, but with the offensive (coaching) staff and mechanically. I thought went very well yesterday. I will still be very much involved in a handful of those calls and so it is an operation for us, this is year 10 or 11 now that we will just handle week to week. It was not a big earth shattering announcement or a big move, it was really, functionally I can get Pete a play and he can get it into Drew just as quickly as I can get it into Drew directly. And if I’m managing the game, or paying attention to what just happen on a punt return, we are far enough along in this process where it is easy for us.”

You’ve already lost (Michael Hoomanawanui) Hooman on Injured Reserve. Josh Hill had an injury yesterday. What is the challenge at tight end now with (Coby) Fleener and (Chris) Manhertz and I’m assuming you might have to look in a different direction possibly?

“Yeah we will see. We will keep you updated on Josh and each week on what our plans are. But again I don’t think it is any different than any other teams in the league right now.”

You went through a process yesterday when Jahri Evans rotated with (Senio) Kelemete, how much of that had to do with getting him used to the tempo? Is this something you are going to do in week 2?

“We will see. We went in with the idea that we wanted to rotate those guys, Senio and Jahri. I think, that is something for both of those players, that can help them and it’s something that we will look at each week.”

Going back to the tight end position. What do you see out of Garret Griffin? From the time at training camp to where he is now?

“He is on our practice squad. We think he is a young developmental player.”

What are some things you guys think you need to do to get the pass rush where you want it to be?

“Well, that’s a good question. I think it comes from a four-man rush. It has to. (Paul) Kruger bring here now with a full second week and Cameron (Jordan), both our players that we feel are pressure like players. We have to be better in that area and sometimes it’s going to come with more than a four-man rush or a pressure. But I think that It’s more difficult on the back end if the quarterback has time and able to sit in the pocket and get to his 3rd and 4th receiver. And that happen a little bit in the second half yesterday.”

Are you curious to see how fast some of these younger cornerbacks are going to have to grow up now? And what’s a good and the concerning aspects of the situation?

“Well, we just kind of hit on it. We have a lot of young players that are getting their feet wet for the first time. I mentioned the kicker, Michael Thomas, Daniel Lasco, De’Vante Harris, Ken Crawley. There are a number of players, (and also) David(Onyemata) that are playing in their first games and our jobs as coaches are to get them ready to go and ready for the next opponent.  The importance for us now, and the sense of urgency now is the improvement from week 1 to week 2.”

Do you expect the defensive backs who are more experienced, guys like Kenny (Vaccaro) and maybe even Sterling Moore this week to help the communication a little more? How do you view that?

“I think communication is pretty clean. I think the challenges obviously defensively when you are playing at home is the crowd noise. That is an advantage for us. I see no different than any time when you have leadership in young players, there is a blend there and from a communication stand point, I think yesterday we were on point. I think there are some technical things obviously some situational awareness things that have to be better.”

When you looked at the film of your young kicker after seeing it. What did you think of his performance?

“I thought overall, he was solid. I think he has the leg strength. We are kicking the ball deep either for a touchback or in a corner. So I think the location when we are kicking it in a corner can be, I know he has the leg strength to be deeper down near the goal line instead of the eight or ten-yard line. I think he was solid on his kicks, the one gets tipped and we still make it. That was a little low trajectory, but the protection was not as bad as I would have anticipated on the field. They have a pretty good rush group up front. We’re wide left on the 50-yarder and at the end of the game he has a chance there.  I think he struck the ball well. I like this guy a lot. I mentioned that yesterday. This for us was to find a good young kicker. The experience and the opportunities he has, he’s going to kick a long time.”


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