Paul Murphy / Eyewitness News

PLAQUEMINES, La. -- A stretch of LA-23 in Plaquemines Parish remains closed while pumping operations are underway to drain flood waters from Tropical Storm Lee.

Monday, you needed a boat to travel down the highway between Myrtle Grove and West Pointe A La Hache.

Lee blew water from Barataria Bay over the back levees on to the roadway.

Vehicles were convoying around the flooding on top of the Mississippi River Levee.

'As soon as the leverage falls below, the inside of the levee we're going to cut the levee in two spots and let this water flow out,' said Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.

Nungesser said no homes flooded in Plaquemines, but miles of pasture land are under water.

We boarded an air boat to check out the flooding. The sheriff's pistol range was in the path of the high water along with one deputies vehicle.

Streets also flooded in Myrtle Grove Estates.

Barbara Marcotte and her husband rode out the storm in their home elevated above the water.

'It's been pretty much okay,' said Marcotte. 'The water's come up. It didn't quite come up on the slab, but it was all around us.'

Front end loaders dropped rocks and gravel on the edge of the subdivision to build up a temporary ridge for pumps and other heavy equipment.

'They're going to set the pumps up in this area, being that the gulf side is higher than the inside, we're going to start pumping to get the water off the road,' said parish Councilman Burghart Turner.

Until then, the Marcottes two dogs will make the best of a bad situation.

'They've been running around and having fun in the water,' said Marcotte.

The parish is waiting for water outside the levee to drop some more before crews cut the levees. It could be another day before LA-23 reopens.

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