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NEW ORLEANS -- A WWII veteran and his wife of six decades have plenty to smile about. Volunteers are repairing their Algiers home, but after years of being forced to sleep separately, they can once again be close to each other at night.

Earnest and Vivian Jack watched in awe and joy when the delivery crew arrived with the extra large-sized hospital bed, realizing they can spend their nights together again.

'We are very excited. It's been so long, but now we will be together,' said Vivian Jack.

World War II veteran Earnest and Vivian have been married for 63 years. But when she needed a hospital bed two years ago, he had to move to a small, uncomfortable cot.

While Rebuilding Together volunteers started badly needed repairs to the home, they joined forces with LSU Health Sciences Center occupational therapists, who got the large new bed donated.

Rebuilding Together and the LSU Occupational Therapists had to collect $2000 in order to get the bed here and installed for the Jacks. But after the first Action Report about a month ago, people across the area responded.

'The response was incredible,' said Jon Skvarka of Rebuilding Together. 'We had probably 25 calls the first night, and we had raised our goal within the weekend.'

Kerrie Ramsdell of LSUHSC said, 'MDX Shipping, who was bringing the bed here from Transfer Masters, learned about the story, and they wanted to donate the cost, so that allowed us to have more money for a bathroom renovation for this family.'

So your donations bought a wheelchair accessible shower for a woman who has only had sponge baths.

'Oh, it will be real good,' Vivian Jack said.

They tried out their brand new bed, enjoyed the new sheets and comfortable mattress, and quickly held hands.

'Thanks a million. I appreciate this,' Earnest Jack said.

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