METAIRIE, La. ― Patrick Ramsey hasn't worked with a first-team offense in more than four seasons.

Friday night against San Diego, he might just get that opportunity again. Saints Head Coach Sean Payton said Tuesday that when Drew Brees leaves the game, he'll turn it over to Ramsey, New Orleans' offseason acquisition to possibly be the team's backup quarterback.

And for that, Ramsey, the former Tulane standout, is happy.

'I certainly appreciate it,' Ramsey said. 'I think the one thing I appreciate so much about coach is he understands the position pretty well. Very well, I would say. He understands all the things that go into running this offense and things of that nature.

'It's great o have him on your side.'

Chase Daniel picked up the snaps on all but four of New Orleans' series Saturday night against Houston. In so doing, he led the Saints to scores on 4 of 7 drives, including three touchdowns. Included in that time on the field was several series with the first-team offense.

'He played excellently,' Ramsey said of Daniel. 'There's obviously no denying that.'

But just because Daniel played well doesn't mean Ramsey is anymore worried about his job than normal.

'I go out there to play and play the best I can,' Ramsey said. 'The honest truth at that point and after that is I want to go out there and compete and I want to go out there and score every time we touch the ball and that's what I'm going to attempt to do.'

That opportunity will come Friday night in the Superdome.

Payton said Ramsey will likely get every snap that Brees doesn't take. Against the Texans, Brees came out after the third series, which ended the first quarter.

'It's just trying to give them enough series to give them the opportunity to get comfortable with what they're doing and the operations of a game,' Payton said. 'Sometimes if it's just a quarter or a quarter-and-a-half, it's harder to do that at that position.'

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