Head coach Sean Payton talked after practice about training camp in New Orleans and camp in the cooler weather of Oxnard, Califorina.

As far as the amount of work you're able to do in this weather, has it been as productive or more than what you thought it would be?

'We were hopeful when our camp ended in New Orleans that we were able to add a week. What the weather has allowed us to do is get our practice in and it helps the latter part of practice where the focus is more challenging when it's hot and you're dealing with the heat. It's what I hoped it would be. It's been awhile for me since I've been back here. I was here in 2004 and 2005. The facilities are very good and logistically the players aren't having to travel a lot. It's well-run. These guys have done a number of training camps so you can see that right away when it comes to the food, the meeting rooms, and the practice fields. It's been really good and they've done a good job.'

What do you think about training camp here?

'It's been talked about a lot and I think there's a base tie for us in New Orleans. We've always tried to be logistically smart. We've had weeks in Indianapolis with (Hurricane) Gustav. We've had a week in London when we played there. We've been in Houston when we practiced with the Texans so a lot of it would be dependent on what the preseason schedule is and if we're playing out West. The experience here has given the organization the chance to really see the benefits. In a perfect world, you'd like to have that time in New Orleans in the heat that I think is important and yet an option like this that can you out of it. A lot of it is who you open up with. If you open up the season at Tampa, then you have to be concerned that you're leaving this environment and you're playing the first game in early September and it's 100 degrees there. I know in Dallas that was always a concern of ours. It was always who we were playing early in the schedule. At that time in Texas Stadium the temperatures were getting into the 100s. It's just having that balance but the facilities have been great and the impression has been really good.'

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