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METAIRIE, La. ― As the 2011 season has worn on, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has watched as his defense has made the same mistake after the same mistake after the same mistake.

And this week, he had a message for those in the secondary study room get things corrected or prepare to play elsewhere.

'I'm telling ya, you know what happens to repeat mistake offenders in this league?' Williams said. 'They go do what you guys do. They go find some other job. So there's a lot of guys in our room that are getting their resumes ready to go if that happens again. (Because) you don't do those kind of things, you can't be a repeat mistake offender.'

Cornerback Tracy Porter said Williams let it be known he was upset at the long passes the Titans connected on in the second half to tighten the score against the Saints.

'Gregg has been Gregg,' Porter said. 'He just addressed the issue we had. It was something he didn't' like and didn't want to see it again. It was something we had to take heed to.'

Since the Atlanta game on Nov. 13, the Saints have given up big plays over the top in the second halves.

Atlanta had four plays of 20-or-more yards in the fourth quarter alone. The Giants had a 24-yard completion in the third quarter and a 72-yard touchdown in the fourth.

Against Detroit, the Saints gave up plays of 22, 22 and 36 in the third quarter and one of 47 yards in the fourth.

And on Sunday, the Titans managed plays of 25, 40, 40 and 60.

Still, Porter believes the mistakes are correctable.

'It's definitely easily correctable,' Porter said. 'It's not the fact we can't play the deep ball. It's little technique things here and there, getting to your landmark, making the proper reads and that's something that's correctable on our end.'

Williams expects the Vikings to try and see if the Saints have corrected their ills this weekend when New Orleans travels to Minnesota.

'A lot of times ... once you're on film doing something, a good coach makes sure you corrected it so the next team will try it,' Williams said. 'Let's see if we corrected it. That's the mark of a good staff in that respect.'

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