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NEW ORLEANS -- All around Tulane University there are signs of a growing controversy over the school's plans to build an on-campus football stadium.

Lindsay Lanaux, whose property sits adjacent to the baseball stadium, is all for it.

'Tulane has always been a good neighbor to me,' Lanaux said. 'I've enjoyed going to baseball games and I'll enjoy going to football games.'

But Ninette Edmiston fears a negative impact to the neighborhood, especially when it comes to parking and noise.

'They talk about it being a community stadium, where they will have community activities,' she said. 'That means it could be rented 365 days out of the year.'

Those types of concerns prompted District A Councilwoman Susan Guidry to push for an Interim Zoning District that would affect several colleges in the city.

If approved by the council, Guidry's motion would direct the City Planning Commission to hold a public hearing, where it could ultimately decide to prohibit construction of facilities of a certain size -- facilities like the stadium.

Guidry, who said she wasn't available for an on-camera interview, told us the primary goal is to make the process public and transparent.

Tulane officials are sounding off on the proposal.

'We don't think this is good policy, to actually, basically put a moratorium on building,' said Yvette Jones, executive vice president of University Relations at Tulane University. 'It could be for an extended period of time. It could really hinder progress, and really, it's targeted at a few institutions.'

University representative Yvette Jones said plans for the stadium are in the design phase and construction is scheduled to begin in January.

'Our students and alumni really want this. It'll bring back a real community sense. And we think it's important for the community too. Our facilities are open to other organizations and entities in the city and we think this project should do the same,' Jones said. 'It works on that site. It's totally within the code. We don't require any variances.'

Tulane officials say students are launching a petition in support of the stadium. The university also says it has the support of Loyola and Xavier Universities.

Guidry said her motion is designed to allow time for more public discussion on these types of major projects.

The issue is set to go before the council at this Thursday's meeting.

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