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Willie Pugh watched has his neighbors apartment homes burn from a raging two-alarm fire early Thursday morning.

The call for help came in just after 3 a.m. on Brevard Avenue in New Orleans East.

Fire fighters were on the scene in 10 minutes and once they got here, the fire had already spread to the adjacent buildings.

'I went to knocking on doors saying wake up, wake up. We got a fire katrina going on here. We are burning,' Pugh said.

The fire started at the top floor of a four-plex apartment building fire officials said wasn't occupied.

After that, it spread to two apartments behind it and a home next door. One neighbor was lucky enough to get his family out even though he couldn't see through the smoke.

'At first I didn't know where the fire was coming from, but I did see smoke in the house,' Quinnyon Wimberly said. 'When I went to get my kids up, I put my hand on the window and I felt the fire so I knew it was close.'

Wimberly said he felt around walls to navigate his way out the home and into safety. Once daylight came, fire crews began tearing through the charred building.

The blaze left six children and four adults are without a place to stay, and some questioning where to go from here.

'I'm not sure what happens next, Wimberly said. 'I'm not sure. I'm not sure of the next step past this point.'

It took 45 fire personnel to douse the flames. The Red Cross is helping the displaced victims.

The American Red Cross was also on scene assisting displaced residents.

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