Sally Ann Roberts penned a poem in honor of the Saints great season.

'Yes you are'

You are the people who amazed a nation

With your resilience and determination.

You are the people who inspired a world championship team,

And then showed the world how to celebrate the fulfillment of a dream.

You are the people whose love for life

And one another, ignites the light of hope in the souls of every sister and brother.

You are the people who caught and threw beads and smiles...

Causing goodwill that could be felt for miles.

Now Lombardi Gras and Mardi Gras are over

For 2010, but not you the people who tasted the success that hardwork, patience and unity can bring.

You are the people who deserve a standing ovation

For never lying down no matter how dire the situation.

And while we still have a long way to go and goals to meet.

You are the 12th man who knows how to stave off defeat.

By standing as one and knowing If hell can freeze over and pigs can fly

What can't we achieve If we only try.

Yes you are the people.

Who dat? You dat.

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