NEW ORLEANS -- Just before noon Saturday, another life was cut tragically short when 19-year-old Terrance Dennis was gunned down in the 2300 block of N. Galvez Street.

Dennis, a student at John McDonogh High School, was Gwendolyn Morris' first grandchild.

'I didn't even want to pick up the paper this morning to even look at his obituary,' Morris said. 'I didn't want to read the story in the paper. I still don't want to read it.'

Dealing with her grandson's death has been difficult for Morris, but the situation became more shocking when she learned Terrance is one of several McDonogh students to fall victim to violence this school year.

'Until it was brought to my attention yesterday that it was happening, I wasn't even aware that so many kids was coming out of that one school,' Morris said. 'There's too many young kids losing their lives violently for no reason.'

Eric Remy, a 17-year-old who had recently left McDonogh, was shot to death Friday night in the 7th Ward.

Liderrick Picard, 15, died in a shooting in the Holy Cross neighborhood January 15th.

In September, just outside an apartment complex in New Orleans East, someone gunned down 16-year-old Anthony Davis, Jr.

Also, earlier this month, police say, as 15-year-old Musheer Thomas tried to break into a home in New Orleans East, someone inside shot and killed him.

Five teenagers, one high school -- again, with two of the incidents happening over the weekend.

A major focus for school officials now is to make sure that tension from the streets doesn't spill onto the McDonogh and other campuses.

Former NOPD Superintendent Eddie Compass, who heads up security for the Recovery School District, said officials are paying special attention to John McDonogh and its students.

'It's a big concern,' Compass said. 'That's why we've put measures in place to make sure that there's no type of retaliatory incidents that take place at the school.'

The strain, however, is even showing up among faculty members.

According to a school district incident report obtained by Eyewitness News, two female teachers were removed from campus Wednesday after a profanity-filled fight where students had to hold one of the women back.

Sources inside the school also say some students were sent home earlier this week because of the tense climate.

Compass confirms -- security on the McDonogh campus is high.

'We've beefed it up, I would say, by about 50 percent, and we also have a constant presence with the (NOPD 1st District). You know, they give us enhanced patrols in the morning and enhanced patrols at dismissal, but they beefed up their security also,' he said.

As Gwendolyn Morris prepares to bury her grandson, she prays for the other grieving families and hopes for change.

'That's somebody's child. That's somebody's grandchild. That's somebody's brother, and when you hear it, it's devastating just to know that, this is happening to these young kids out there and it's like, they seem, like I said, they don't have no hope,' Morris said.

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