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NEWORLEANS - There was the band, folks in costume, beads to catch and a shipping truck. Confused tourists were hoping for a glimpse of a Mardi Gras parade.

'That's one right there, for a floor. I'm sorry?,' asked Nikki Gripe, of Stillwater, Oklahoma. 'It's for a floor. There's a floor in that truck? Okay!. For the Final 4 basketball game, that's the floor? See we didn't even know, we just knew there was a parade.'

Construction on the Final 4 basketball court started last September in a small town in Michigan.

'We build about 750 floors every year,' said Jeff Morton of Connor Sport Court.

'No, I've never been in a parade with a 53 foot tractor trailer, no sir,' grinned UPS Driver Bill Wolske as he navigated the big rig in the parade.

The 60 by 120 foot maple wood court was built in pieces so it could be shipped to New Orleans.

Millions of people will see the court when it is completed and on display during the Final Four games next weekend that are on CBS.

How long does it take to set it up? Not nearly as long as you might think.

'It comes in about 240 individual pieces, and what we will do is it will take about two to four hours to snap it all together,' said Morton.

Will the Final 4 winners get their own parade?

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