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NEW ORLEANS -- Mayor Mitch Landrieu says he is thrilled that voters approved a plan to restructure the Orleans Parish Sewage & Water Board.

The 13-member board will be reduced from the current 13 members to 11. Their terms will be cut from nine years to two consecutive four-year terms, and council members will no longer be members of the board.

Now Landrieu said he is going to convene a meeting of the water board on Wednesday to start the transformation.

'And we will being the process of selecting the new board,' Landrieu said. 'Because of the seriousness of this, I'm asking the presidents of all of the major universities to serve themselves on the selection committee so that we have an open and transparent process.

Landrieu said the new board will face big challenges with the system bleeding 40 percent of its water. He said it's 'a major infrastructure problem for the city.'

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