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NEW ORLEANS -- Trying to fight violence with peace, a local church Saturday got the backing of a member of Congress.

In the Desire neighborhood, dozens of people took part in a rally to stop violence in the city. Rep. Cedric Richmond joined neighbors and members of Next Generation of Original Morning Star church.

The pastor said this is the first anti-violence rally for the church, and sadly, it probably won't be the last.

'When I look out in the congregation and I see mothers who've lost their sons to violence, I just said I'm just tired of it and I have to get out on streets and try to make a difference,' said Pastor Tyrone Smith.

'Part of the commitment that they need is that government understands that we can't stop it with police, sheriff or DA, but we have to create economic opportunities for people who want do the right thing,' Richmond said.

Richmond also stressed the importance of keeping kids in school with after-hours programs and discouraged criminalizing bad behavior at school that can lead to expulsion.

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