NEW ORLEANS The New Orleans police sergeant who co-authored the police report on the Danziger Bridge shootings, which led to guilty pleas by two former officers, has retired from the force, according to civil service records.

Gerard Dugue, a 33-year police veteran, retired Tuesday. The official reason listed on civil service records is only that he was retirement-eligible.

Dugue co-wrote the police report on the Danziger shootings with Sgt. Arthur Kaufman, the investigator in the Danziger case and the recipient of a target letter from federal prosecutors.

The two guilty pleas in the Danziger case from two police lieutenants who helped supervise the investigation admitted to fabricating many elements of the report, including making up witnesses and planting a gun at the scene.

Dugue's attorney, Claude Kelly, III, has never confirmed that his client received a target letter. He also would not elaborate on Dugue's decision to retire but did say Wednesday, 'Stress can wreak a lot of havoc.'

Dugue has not worked since March 12, when civil service records show he was suspended for being involved in a traffic accident in his police vehicle. Records show he failed to immediately report the accident and submit to drug and alcohol tests, as required by department policy. When he did later take a blood alcohol test, it registered .046, under Louisiana's legal limit.

Prior to his suspension, Dugue was assigned to a desk job in the criminal investigation bureau.

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