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On Wednesday night friends and strangers rallied in support of the victims of the Mother's Day second-line shooting. United in one mission people showed up to donate blood while others turned to the power of prayer in hopes of achieving peace.

'We have a very giving community and we support each other,' said blood donor Silvia Patterson.

'A neighbor of mine got shot. I live in Treme, which is not far, and I use to live on Frenchmen Street,' said Rosie Dupre, who also gave blood in support of those injured in the Mother's Day second-line shooting on Frenchmen Street.

'It's us that this is happening to. It's nobody else. It's our responsibility to sort of get it together,' added Dupre.

Twoblood mobile units greeted community members on Frenchmen Street Wednesday night for the blood drivewhich was organized byNew Orleans Musicians Clinic and OffbeatMagazine. Musicians and local businesses also donated entertainment and food.

A sense of responsibility is why Bywater resident Cam Manghan chose to donate a pint of blood, replacing what was lost during the 7th Ward violence.

'I was just shocked and just really upset. It was very emotional. On Mother's Day and with all the babies and carriages,' said Manghan.

Community members also gathered at St. Anna's Episcopal Church, where a special mass against violence was held. Father Bill Terry focused his sermon on encouraging parishioners to be more active in combating the violence and culture of fear that plagues the city.

'A city of second lines without gunfire. A city of Mardi Gras and masking without masks of fear,' said Father Terry to the crowd.

His sermon also was calling for New Orleanians to stop turning a blind eye to the violence and poverty and work towards finding real solutions.

'We can't hire enough cops, we can't build enough jails -- economically that doesn't make sense. So we have to fine alternative methods to reach out to children and families that break the cycle of violence,' said Father Terry.

The Blood Center says at least 116 people registered for Wednesday night's blood drive in the Marigny.
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