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NEW ORLEANS -- Police say they are getting close to making an arrest in a multi-car wreck on the high rise, where a woman and her young nephew were killed when they were thrown over the side.

They leave behind a grieving family that can't afford burials and are dealing with two more loved ones injured in the hospital.

The Rhone family had plans for a big Thanksgiving meal. But one moment changed everything.

'Now I don't want to cook. I don't want to have no family over because it's not going to be the same,' said Dardnella Rhone, Danielle's stepmother.

Their relative's car broke down on the high rise in the dark early Sunday morning. A multi car wreck followed. Danielle Rhone, 28, and her nephew Kaedan Boyd, 2, were thrown over the side. Both lost their lives. Danielle's grieving father said she was sweet and humble.

'She was a good child and she loved her son. When you seen him you see her,' said Ronald Rhone, crying over the loss of his daughter and grandson.

Danielle's son, Jonathan Scott, 7, is in the hospital after being dragged under the car. Most of his body and lungs are bruised.

He knows mom is gone.

'We're trying to let him know that his family is here now more than we ever were, even though we were pretty close before,' said Ariel Opara, Danielle's first cousin.

Kaedan's mother Kelly Rhome was driving. She is in the hospital as well. Her knee is shattered. But not nearly as bad as her broken heart.

'She has to deal with the fact that she has a sister that's not here and a son that's not here. So it's difficult,' said Opara.

While plans for Thanksgiving have ended, plans to bury what the family calls 'their two babies' can't begin. A tragedy like this, with two funerals and two with medical bills, just wasn't in the budget.

Parents never imagine their children leaving this world before they do.

'She'd call me up and tell me how much she love me. I'm going to miss her so much, so very much. I miss her now,' said Dardnella, with tears streaming down her face.

If you would like to help the family with funeral or medical bills, you can donate at any Whitney Bank. The account is under the 'Danielle Rhone Memorial Fund.'

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