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NEW ORLEANS -- At the corner of Second Street and Prytania in the Garden District, there's a brand new telephone pole.

'I am thrilled, and I can't believe how quickly the job was completed,' said neighbor Beth Lambert with a smile.

This is what the pole looked like yesterday. It was so fragile that a small push could make it wobble, raising fears it would soon fall.

'It's a major parade route here, not to mention there's a lot of tourism in the neighborhood,' Beth said at the time.

'There's going to be so many people down here and there could be a chance that something might happen with it. It wasn't safe,' said Sue Sperry with AT&T.

When I asked pole owner AT&T for emergency help, the request went right to the top, and within hours the old pole was taken down and replaced with a new one.

'The office of the president, the southeast region president, and he has an advocacy group, an escalation group, and I just said this has got to be done by Wednesday, this is kind of an emergency,' said Sperry.

'At (5 p.m.) they were out here with the cones and the trucks, getting ready to remove the pole and put the new one in, ' said Lambert. 'I was shocked. Nothing usually happens that fast, so I am thrilled.'

The brand new pole is one stable structure, just in time for the resumption of Mardi Gras parades Wednesday, and it's a big difference in this neighborhood.

'And I'm grateful for them, and I know everybody in the neighborhood is also,' said Lambert.

'It's safe now,' Sperry said. 'People don't have to worry about it.'

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