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NEW ORLEANS -- The sinkhole on Iberville Street has almost doubled in size since it appeared a week ago, and neighbors are getting more and more worried.

'It's kind of scary and dangerous, and I'm concerned just because it is behind a school,' said Diane Nowik.

'They use this street for picking and dropping off the children.'

'It's spread in four days,' added Larry Constant. 'In four days it went from from about 3 feet to what I would say is 5 feet.'

A large area has been hollowed out under the pavement, and the edges of the hole are caving in.

'It's a pretty big problem,' said Abby Smith. 'It's blocking most of my neighbors, it's blocking all of my neighbor's driveway, and a good portion of mine.'

They've been calling the city since the hole appeared on Lundi Gras.

'On Lundi Gras Day actually, Sewerage & Water Board said somebody would be out by the end of the week, but no one has come, and we've called since then,' said Abby.

'They're certainly aware of the size of the sinkhole. They know the danger of the sinkhole. Why they haven't gotten on it faster is beyond me,' said Diane.

When I first came out here Ash Wednesday, this situation was serious enough to make an immediate Action Report. But then I saw the barrels placed here by the Sewerage and Water Board, and figured they would keep their promise to the neighbors, and quickly repair this.

It's been a week, though. They haven't done the work. The neighbors are fed up. I'm taking their message to the water board.

'Nobody seems to respond to us, so we're really happy you came out to help us out,' said Carly Bubacz.

I'll let you know what happens.

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