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NEWORLEANS- It is easy to find broken streetlights along St. Charles Avenue, and the 600-member St. Charles Avenue Association is using bumper stickers demanding 'Real Lights, Real Fast' to get City Hall's attention.

'In all, we've printed 1,000 of these stickers, and they've just left the building,' said the Association's Laura Claverie.

The slogan came from an August Action Report when parts of St.Charles Avenue looked blacked out.

'We need real lights real fast,' Claverie said in August.

They counted the broken lights last August, and just did it again.

'Eighty percent of the lights between Carrollton and Broadway were out,' said Claverie. 'None have been fixed.'

'Number one, pedestrians can get run over. Number two, there can be car accidents,' said Association President Lou Hoffman, expressing her concerns.

Members of the St. Charles Avenue Association wonder what the tourists are thinking about all this, and say it is long past time when these broken streetlights need to be repaired.

'We've made an assessment,' said City Public Works Director Col. Mark Jernigan. 'We know exactly what we need to do to restore the outages.'

Jernigan says the wires run under the streetcar tracks, and the RTA is replacing them as streetcar track work is completed.

'As RTA finishes their work on a portion of St. Charles, we go in do, a quick inspection, we work with Entergy to re-energize the lights.'

That should turn on working streetlights, but Col. Jernigan estimates it will take $200,000 to repair those with broken fixtures.

'I have crews on standby ready to go and we're going to be out there as soon as funding becomes available that we can use to fix the outages.'

They hope one funding plan is approved. Across the rest of the city, the Mayor's office reported the City Council approved the Mayor's request for nearly $15 million to convert streetlights to energy efficient lighting.

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