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This story originally appeared and was published on June 27, 2014.

NEWORLEANS- BP has asked a U.S. District judge to force oil spill claimants to pay back money they received under a claims calculation method that was later changed on appeal.

But BP's argument for restitution appears to ignore key language in the releases that claimants must sign saying that the application of settlement payments could change 'for better or for worse' but their payment is locked in.

'If you sign this Individual Release, none of these uncertain future events will affect you,'is what the language says in the release.

BP is arguing for restitution plus interest because of a new 'revenue matching policy' that claims administrator Patrick Juneau had to adopt after BP won the change on appeal.

The new policy requires Juneau's staff to match a business claimant's revenues to expenses even if the spending takes place at a different time than the money is earned, and outside the period used to calculate business losses after the oil spill. The complex policy, No. 495 in Juneau's administration requires time-consuming reviews of more than 20,000 pending business loss claims.

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