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VACHERIE, La. -- The search for a missing St. James Parish girl is on hold Thursday night and will pick back up Friday morning.

It's been two days since Talaija Dorsey's family saw her last inside her St. James home.

The 12-year-old's family says as time passes, the worry intensifies.

'When the night comes, she's out there, somewhere, somewhere. Don't know where,' said Lenra Watis, a member of Talajia's family.

When the sun sets, Elizabeth Davis' shoulders grow heavy with grief from the not knowing where her niece might be. It's been two days since the 12-year-old was last seen inside her home on pecan street.

The St. James Parish Sheriff's Office has John Celestine in custody. He's considered a person of interest in the little girl's disappearance.

'Come on John,' Watis said. 'Do the right thing. That's what I'm saying to him. I've been telling Jesus, all day, let John's mouth reveal what he did.'

Celestine is Talaija's mother's fiance. Sheriff Willy Martin said the search Thursday was focused in Assumption and Ascension parishes where Celestine owns property.

'I teach school so I'm off all summer,' said search volunteer Amy Blanchard. 'He called and he said hey, we gotta go look for that little girl now.'

The search Friday will turn to Jefferson Parish along roadways heading to Gretna, where Celestine works.

'We know he works in Jefferson Parish,' Martin said. 'We'll be working our way along routes towards Jefferson Parish.'

The 12-year-old went missing sometime between 4:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. Tuesday. She was last seen by her sister inside her family's house.

The nightmare of not knowing where Talaija is continues to keep those who love her wide awake at night.

'With so much going on in our community with this, it's hurtful for the people in the family, out the familyi, with children, without children,' said Louise Jones, Talaija's teacher. 'If you have a child of your own you know this is hurting.'

Martin is asking the public for tips. If you saw anything suspicious or a 2001 white Chrysler Concord on the road early Tuesday, please call the sheriff's office at: 225-562-2200.

Martin said the search will continue Friday with a little less manpower.

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