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NEW ORLEANS -- Daphne Cola's sister, Tiffany Cola said Thursday in City Council Chambers that if the ATV had it's headlights on, her sister would have seen it coming and likely would have been able to get out of the way.

She is now taking the fight to city officials.

Cola got emotional, wiping tears away, as she pleaded with City Council members to crackdown on ATV riders who drive on the streets in New Orleans.

There has been a huge outcry from the community, including an online petition, since the mother of 2 died from her injuries after being hit by an ATV illegally driving on the street.

However, Officers from the NOPD's traffic division said that they will crackdown on anyone they see doing it.

In fact, the NOPD said they will confiscate an ATV if someone is caught driving it in the street, and if it is not registered or insured, the owner will not be able to get it back.

Cola says she supports anything that will keep something like what happened to here family, from happening again.

'I don't want nobody else to endure what I went through. Having to watch her die at the scene and again at the hospital is really hard,' said Tiffany Cola about her sister.

A college fund has been set for Cola's two children. Donations can be made to the Daphne Cola Fund at any Capital One Branch.

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