LAPLACE, La. -- The man charged with first-degree murder in the brutal beating death of a 15-year-old Laplace girl was taken into St. John Parish Sheriff's Office custody Friday.

Earnest Joseph III had little to say as deputies walked him in, but he did whisper just once, 'I didn't do it.'

Federal Marshals captured him two days ago in the Gulfport area where he has family. The sheriff said he was driving the same white Cadillac that investigators believe he had at the crime scene, and they believe that he was on the run.

Deputies say they have no doubt that he's the man who beat 15-year-old Taylor Adams to death in the middle of the night last Sunday while her mother was at work.

Adams' mother found the teen beaten, bloodied and lifeless in her bedroom around 9 a.m. Sunday when she came home from her job as a security guard.

Deputies say there was no sign of robbery, rape or forced entry.

Meanwhile, the sheriff says Facebook helped them find out who Adams' friends were and helped them trace the relationship between Adams and Joseph.

The investigation is ongoing, but the St. John Parish Sheriff's Office has acquired the murder weapon in the case, though the office is not revealing the type of weapon.

The sheriff's office declined to announce what the relationship was between Adams and Joseph, saying that will come to light when the case heads to trial.

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