Jim Henderson / Eyewitness Sports Director

NEW ORLEANS -- When teams with a history meet, the cliche often spouted is that 'you can throw the record book out the window.'

The next time the Colts and the Saints meet, if you try to throw the record book out the window, you might risk a sports hernia, because it got considerably heavier with the pages the Saints added to it last night.

In capping a weekend in which the Saints and LSU beat the 2007 Super Bowl champions and college football's defending national champions by a combined score of 107-17, the Saints were 'un-Brees-leave-able.'

In their first game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the Saints gave their fans the smoothest ride of their lives. While Tom Benson's Mercedes may go from zero to 60 in 10 seconds, that's not nearly as impressive as his team going from zero to 62 in 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, Jim Caldwell stood catatonically on the Colt sideline watching Curtis Painter chauffeur the equivalent of a 1971 pinto with a dead battery, an oil leak, and four baldies losing their grip on the road.

'Oh Lord,' or at least Jim Irsay, 'won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz!'

While Payton Manning was picking up NFL MVP votes by not playing and showing just how incredibly valuable he is to the Colts when he's not, Drew Brees was picking up some of his own by playing and showing just how valuable he is to the Saints when he is.

Bow the Saints go on to St. Louis to face their second winless team in two weeks, a team with the worst rushing defense in the NFL and the lowest-scoring offense that could be missing its starting quarterback for the second straight game.

For the Saints the challenge will be handling success as well as they handled last week's adversity. The absence of Sean Payton from the sideline and the departure of center Olin Kreutz after a startling declaration of 'no mas' made for an unprecedented situation.

The Saints had some excuses to lay down. They turned those excuses into reasons to stand up even taller.

That's what good teams who want to be great do. It's what the Saints are, and desire to be.

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