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NEW ORLEANS -- The coach in one of the metro area's most successful high school football programs picked up a historic, 500th win Thursday night.

Coach JT Curtis, who has been coaching for more than four decades at John Curtis Christian School, is now only the second coach in the game's history to reach 500 wins.

That includes professional, college and high school level football.

Before Patriots players even took to the field, 500th win t-shirts sprinkled the football stands at Joe Yenni Stadium.

'It was just a quickie, the 500 was the most important,' said John Curtis fan Pam Luwe.

Luwe proudly held a homemade sign to cheer on her son and his teammates along with coach JT Curtis. When her husband died last year, Luwe says JT Curtis stood by her family's side.

'JT is near and dear to my heart and the Patriots are awesome,' she said. 'It's a big deal for JT to win his 500th game and I'm excited for him.'

Curtis alumni Suzanne Blake showed up to support her niece on the cheerleading team and watch one of her favorite coach's and his team make history.

'It's great to be back,' she said. 'JT has done such a great job of coaching these kids in life and on the field.'

Coaching football for 43 years at the school, JT Curtis has led his football team to state championships nearly two dozen times. Other achievements include 11 perfect seasons, a state record and last year's election into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. Yet another achievement -- 500 wins.

'I think that's awesome and I'm glad he's a part of history,' said parent Karen Lewis.

Despite the football milestone, it was business as usual for JT Curtis as he paced the sidelines, not far from a memorial for his father, the late JT Curtis, Sr., who would have been very proud.

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