NEW ORLEANS -- The NOPD headquarters was evacuated after live grenades were found inside of a car that was being processed Thursday, according to police.

NOPD spokesman Officer Frank Robertson said around 6 p.m. officers were processing a vehicle after a shooting that happened Thursday. They found a safe, and inside were two apparently live grenades.

Police say the car was seized from an armed home invasion Thursday morning in New Orleans East in the 4800 block of Devine Street, where three people were killed and two others were injured.

A bomb squad was called to transport the grenades away from the headquarters, and the building was evacuated.About 25 people were asked to leave the building as a precaution.

'It's very dangerous if the pins are pulled and those devices activate. Obviously it's a dangerous situation,'said NOPD Deputy Superintendent Kirk Bouyelas. 'The only thing Ican tell you is that they were in a safe inside the vehicle, so there is a little bit of protection, if you will, that the safe would render as far as that being so, but it's still a situation that we need to be cautious about and make sure that we do our due diligence to ensure that everybody is safe.'

Officials can confirm the pins were still in the grenades. No one was injured, and the bomb squad was able to remove the grenades and detonate them at a remote location.

'It's pretty unusual. It is an unusual event,' Bouyelas. 'Nothing that we aren't able to take care of or deal with. Our bomb squad has dealt with all types of devices, and that's what they're trained to do, and that's what they're equipped to do, and that's the reason they were called out to the situation.'

S. White up to Gravier was closed to traffic while the bomb squad was on the scene.

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