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PALM BEACH, Fl. - Saints coach Sean Payton broke his silence Tuesday morning when he addressed a small group of assembled media in the lobby of the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel.

Of course, the majority of the questions centered around his season long suspension and what he plans to do while out of football.

'You go through a range of emotions, you're disappointed in yourself. I find myself reflecting on it,' he said.

He went on to say, 'As the head coach, anything that happens within the framework of your team and your program you're responsible for... It's easy to get carried away on a certain side of a ball, offensively or defensively, and that's something I regret.'

Payton said he was surprised with the harshness of the fines and penalties, but he respects the office of the commissioner.

'It's interesting, you find out how close some of your friends are,' Peyton said about the last five days.

He said he looks forward to getting back, winning and being successful, especially because he said this is his first time in 39 years not being directly involved in football.

'They'll get through this. It will be a challenge, but it's something we're used to handling,' he said, referring to how the players and coaches will deal with the 2012 season.

He addressed the rumors that he may take on a TV gig during his suspension. He said, 'In my position you try to keep all your options open, and then eventually make a decision.'

Whatever he does during his suspension, he said he is '100 percent certain' he will return to the Saints when it is over.

He also responded to the reports about his meeting with Bill Parcells regarding the team's vacant head coaching job. He thinks the Parcells decision is 'getting a little ahead of ourselves.' His conversations have been about suspension so far.

Payton said he stays in-touch with Parcells every week over the phone and right now, he is a 'an adviser and a parent.'

'We've gone through an early synopsis of options. We're worried on the affect of current roles,' Payton said concerning the staff being considered for interim.

Payton said he is considering Parcells because he thinks Parcells would have set up the framework of the Saints program the exact same way as Payton did.

The off season calendar has been laid out up to the Hall of Fame game, he said.

As for his plans to appeal, Payton said he's still considering it, but that he has a lot to get done beforehand. He must get all all of his coaches on the same page in regards to a game plan going forward in his absence. He said he plans to make a decision on appealing at the end of the month.

'I'm appreciative of the ability to appeal, but I don't know if it would be a benefit,' he said.

He said he has yet to see a copy of the bounty report and is still not aware of all the guidelines of his suspension.

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