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NEW ORLEANS -- The Isaac storm surge rolled over the low-lying highway in Irish Bayou, depositing a deep carpet of marsh grass.

Several homes were flooded, but the worst hit was George and Nonie Nata's house, where the wet furniture now sits out front, and they're stunned.

'We have very little clothes left,' Nonie Nata said. 'We expected to come back home the next day, and clean up, and go about our lives.'

But floodwater 3 feet deep washed through their home, destroying their possessions and leaving a sea of mud and marsh grass.

One of their fishing boats sank. The other was thrown on top of a dock and damaged.

'We are commercial fishermen,' Nonie Nata said. 'We have lost our boat, all of our gear, our way to make a living. We have no resources left.'

They are now depending on the kindness of strangers like those who donated some used furniture. The Red Cross brought food and FEMA offered a hotel room, but they can't afford the trip to get there.

'We can't get food stamps. The food stamp people hang up on you. They're rude,' she said. 'We've had FEMA people hang up on us. All we're asking for is a little bit of assistance.'

Nonie is still trying to figure out how a Category 1 hurricane could cause this much damage to her home. But she's determined not to let Isaac win and push her out of this bayou.

'This is my home, and people say you need to move out,' she said. 'Well, if I move out, I might be facing tornadoes, I might be facing wildfires or earthquakes. At least I know what's coming here.'

Catholic Charities, a United Way agency, is sending a team to Irish Bayou to see what help they can provide.

Channel 4 and Tipitina's are teaming up with the United Way to help victims of Hurricane Isaac this Friday.

Our special benefit concert starts at 8 p.m., featuring Mia Borders and the Stooges Brass Band.

Admission is free from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. if you donate a canned good, and you can watch the concert live on our sister station, Channel 54. We'll also have a phone bank set up in studio to take phone donations.

Again, it all begins at 8:00 p.m. Friday.

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