Mary Kilpatrick / Houma Courier

HOUMA, La. - A driver fell asleep in a Houma McDonald's drive-thru early Saturday morning. He was later charged with driving under the influence, according to Terrebonne Sheriff's Office records.

Jewel Becnel Jr., 33, 405 Westside Blvd., was booked with a third offense DWI about 4:58 that morning, after employees of the 1709 Martin Luther King Blvd. restaurant attempted to wake him several times.

Customers were swerving around Becnel's black Jeep, the records showed. An employee then went out and banged on his window, which woke him.

Becnel fell asleep soon after the employee left, according to the records. Another customer in the drive-thru woke him again shortly before authorities arrived.

Sheriff officials asked Becnel to pull his Jeep away from the drive-thru, and performed a field sobriety test. Becnel performed poorly, the records showed.

Becnel told officials that he had been out that night, and had had five beers. He smelled strongly of alcohol, according to records.

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