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MANDEVILLE, La. Last-minute lane changes, holding up lines for being in the tag lane without a tag and some people just trying to get on the Causeway for free has ruffled feathers with drivers.

Because of the recent bad behavior at the top of the bridge, Causeway officials are stepping up enforcement at the north toll plaza.

'First time they're doing it, we're giving them the benefit of the doubt, turning them around, make them go back to go an come back in a cash lane, in the proper lane,' Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou said.'If people do this on a reoccurring basis, they will be cited.'

Drivers are mixed about what's happening here at the toll plaza.

I think it could cause more trouble than them doing their own thing,' Kris Medeiros said.

'I think it's probably going to make those people doing the wrong thing a little angry, but at the same time, it's gonna set a precedent that you know what, you may want to take the extra step beforehand to do the right thing because if not, it'll end up taking you a lot longer,' said Natalie Cogan.

One driver, who had to be turned around, said, 'It is very, very stupid. I had to turn around. 'Did you not know that you couldn't go through?' No.It is just, it's stupid.'

Like it or not, Causeway officials said this is about safety and drivers will be expected to follow the rules, not make up their own.

Another problem Causeway officials said they are seeing is drivers trying to use their Crescent City Connection toll tags on the Northshore bridge.Officials said those will only work if they are registered with the Causeway system.

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