Jefferson Parish residents will begin receiving 95-gallon garbage carts Monday and they will be expected to use that can exclusively for their household trash, parish officials said.

The 'tipper cart' is a 95-gallon container that rolls and that can be raised on a garbage truck and then the contents tipped over until empty.Officials said it has the capacity of three normal-sized cans and can hold up to 200 pounds.

The phased-in distribution will go through September. Any resident who hasn't gotten a new cart by Sept. 27 should call 1-877-747-4374.

Parish officials say the new cart will reduce wind blown litter and make pickup more efficient.

Residents must use the new carts for their regular garbage. Lawn clippings can be put in a trash bag and set out. Bulk waste can still be placed outside on special bulk waste days.

On collection day, residents must ensure that the carts are placed curbside on a flat surface with the arrow on the lid of the container pointing toward the street and away from the property. Please ensure carts are free standing away from mailboxes, utility poles, and allow at least 3 feet of clearance around the cart.

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